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About Us

Avestron was founded in 1998. It is an engineering services company that focuses on designing and implementing automation and robotic systems. We are primarily integrators and as such, we integrate a diverse set of components including sensors, measuring instruments, inspection tools, servo systems, controllers, safety sub-systems, HMIs, fixtures, and necessary software to realize our customers’ goals which may include lowering costs, increasing productivity, improving quality, reducing environmental foot print, enhancing plant safety, meeting increased through-put requirements, or a combination thereof.


Avestron meets customer needs at many different levels which includes the following:

  • Designing and implementing custom machinery and custom workstations and processes,
  • Designing, selecting, and integrating robots and cobots within workflows,
  • Designing and implementing automated inspection, measurement, and test stations
  • Integrating sensors, controllers, and HMIs to existing or new processes to improve energy efficiency, upgrade the utilized technology, or improve KPI
  • Designing and implementing secure factory networks
  • Connecting factory network segments to secure servers and to each other
  • Implementing cloud-based software solutions for data aggregation, ready for analytics

Industry 4.0 and end to end data communication from factory to the office, together with connectivity to the cloud is offering new possibilities for analytics today that is breaking organizational and geographic boundaries. We have developed specific organization and relationships to address this growing need. We see Industry 4.0 as a continuous development rather than a binary event in an organization. The integration process may start at one part of a factory in a business and gradually find its way to other parts.

We still consider ourselves to be system integrators with the purpose of serving our customers and meeting their needs in automation, robotics, inspection, test, and measurement. Furthermore, by designing and implementing effective strategies to mix and merge any combination of these disciplines, we endeavor to develop innovative solutions that can meet the unique needs of each of our customers.


Farouk Eshragi

President and CEO