Custom Automated Machinery

Design and Manufacturing Services including:

  • Design of machine Architecture
  • Definition of modes of operation and system states
  • Mechanical Design with full 3D and 2D Drawings
  • Electrical Schematic Design
  • Electrical and Control Panel Design
  • Software Development using C/C++/Python and C# programming languages
  • Safety systems design and interaction with machine operators
  • Safety risk assessment
  • Working with sub-suppliers and sub-contractors to build machine components
  • Integrating drive systems, PLCs, measurement instruments, and machine vision systems together to perform specific tasks
  • Oriented to test, inspection of modules, and/or assembly of parts
  • Upgrading vintage equipment with  new controllers
  • Modernizing drives and servosystems, instrumentation and controllers
  • Also solutions for controlling process elements such as heat exchangers, pumps. fans and blowers, pressure and flow,
  • Measurement of vibration, pressure, flow
  • Control of dosing and mixing units