End of Line & Functional Test

Selecting and Configuring the Hardware tools

Those who use end of line and functional test to ensure that their products perform according to specifications are often faced with different paradigms in implementing an end of line tester. Depending on the product that they are manufacturing, different screening protocols can be carried out to ensure that the product complies with requirements and performs according to specifications. For example, the test and screening processes required for a medical device with critical functions will be very different to a consumer product.

PXI or Rack & Stack Instruments?

We offer solutions configured with both PXI and Rack & Stack instrumentation. The choice of platform depends on multiple factors;

  • Customer preference
  • Cost of test for the particular project and ROI
  • Development time and costs
  • Instrumentation availability and cost for the test and measurement platform
  • We have an established relationship with the major suppliers of rack & stack and PXI instruments. 
The Technology Range

From a technology point of view, we offer a broad range of solutions to our customers. On the simpler side a test platform may be configured with  the following instruments:

  • DMM
  • LCR
  • Multiplexers
  • Low frequency signal generator(s)
  • Oscilloscopes or low end Spectrum Analyzers
  • Power supplies
  • etc.

On the more complex side, we may populate our PXI or Rack and Stack instruments with vector analyzers, high end oscilloscopes or spectrum analyzers, precision calibration units and so on.

We are always eager to understand our customers' project requirements and to more than willing to engage and help our customers at all phases of their project from feasibility to implementation and commissioning. Furthermore, we are experienced in designing precision fixtures, and integrating the intrumentation, material handling, fixture and automation to create production ready automated test and measurements equipment meeting safety requirements and regulations that can be deployed directly by out customers for their projects.

Test Program Development

Our comprehensive vault of previously developed drivers and configurations together with our experience in controlling and using a diverse set of instruments allows efficient development of full test solutions against challenging test and measurement requirements. Time after time, we have cut project costs and more importantly we have enabled our customers to bring their production line up earlier helping them reach aggressive start-of-production goals.

Supporting customers throughout the life cycle of our systems is a given undertaking, however, since we use generic programming languages, provide extensive documentation, and offer training, it is usually easy for staff engineers to solve issues expeditiously when/if problems or new needs arise during production. Furthermore, worldwide support is available for the measurement tools and instruments that we offer. Therefore, our customers can rest assured that they can ship their end of line test platforms sourced through Avestron to any plant in the world and still continue to benefit from similar levels of support.

Software Development Strategy

Our developers are comfortable with developing test solutions in a multitude of programming languages. We take the requirements of the application and customer preferences in adopting one or more programming languages in developing the test, inspection and measurement solution. Flexibility is key in approach to software development. 

Developing test programs with Labview TM is quick. This method usually delivers satisfactory results. 
LabView and TestStand

Although development time can be a little longer, using a combination of TestStandTM and Labview TM from National Instruments will also yield satisfactory results. Using TestStandTM offers great flexibility in applications that entail long sequences in configuring instruments and implementing test. 

C#, Python, and TestStand

The combination of C# and TestStand or Python and TestStand is preferred by customers who use C# or Python extensively in house. We offer a combination of programming languages and tools based on customer preferences and what suits the application.