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The In-Circuit Testers

Our in-circuit testers are modular and are made of the following building blocks;

  • System rack mountable unit assembled with measurement backplane and power supplies
  • At least one controller – optionally there can be more controllers
  • Stimulus & Measure boards
  • Relay cards
  • Additional measurement cards such as frequenecy measurement unit, high voltage power supply, and other peripheral units1

The system is scalable based on application requirements. It can be configured minimally with one each of the above units, or optionally, more units can be added as needed.

The rack  mounted unit together with the measurement back plane provides power to each card and the measurement bus. The measurement bus is an 8-line bus which allows for feedback of applied stimulus to compensate for voltage drops along cables, thereby contributing to the precision of measurements. It also allows guarded measurements to be performed with voltage sense that result in a greater current drive to maintain the guard voltages at the same level as the stimulus. The precision of guarded measurements are increased considerably thanks to this measurement bus.

More Information about the Controller, the Stimulus & Measure cards, and the Relay cards is provided below.

Fully Packaged In-circuit Tester with Fixture and Interface

Various elements can be packaged together as a complete test platform. In addition to our In-Circuit tester, the system can be equipped with additional instruments. The fixture system can be chosen in coordination with the customer’s common practices. Avestron works with multiple fixture vendors and we offer preconfigured fixture systems from Ingun that provide for quick and easy change overs and modular and space saving forms.






System Controller with Ethernet Connectivity

The controller is responsible for communication with the host system (Windows 7, 8, 10) over an ethernet bus. It also manages the measurement process by applying the required stimulus to the device under test (DUT) and acquiring the measured signal. Additional controllers can be used to perform simultaneous measurements on multiple DUTs. This is particularly useful in reducing production cycle times for panelized boards.

Stimulus & Measure Board

The Measure and Stimulus boards offer precision stimulus and measure capabilities. Additional units can be used in a rack system to perform guarded measurements which are essential in many in-circuit test scenarios.

Relay Cards

Each Relay card can be plugged directly to the Measurement Backplane and will yield 64 non-multiplexed test channels.

Fully Packaged In-Circuit Tester Unit with Fixture and Interface