Automatic Inspection

Our automatic inspection systems are made from a combination of the following components to a complete system to cater for the requirements of the specific application is comprised of the following building blocks;

1.     Optics including lighting and lenses

We can configure the optical system from a diverse variety of lenses including fixed and variable focus lenses, telecentric lenses, and zoom lenses. Telecentric lenses are particularly suitable for a variety of applications where measurement of critical dimensions of the target is required. We combine the lens system with a variety of lighting options including back lighting, front lighting, and through the lens lighting. In our labs, we develop the optimal optical solutions for an inspection task first and then integrated the optical system with cameras, and where required, robotic or gantry units. We work with a number of suppliers to obtain the lens and lighting systems which include Sill Optics and CCS America.

2.       As for cameras we rely on our partners Dalsa, Sony  and Basler. Therefore, you can rest assured that the components that we use in our machine vision and automatic inspection systems are of the highest quality and are supported by a first class worldwide network.

3.   We use OpenCV and Halcon software from Mvtec as our primary supplier of vision software and algorithms for developing inspection solutions. Both system provide a very powerful suite of algorithms for various tasks in machine vision.

4.     Our engineers document the requirements of your inspection system in a statement of work. We then propose one or more options at the conceptual level to ensure that all requirements are met and constraints of the project are foreseen. After your approval, we will build the inspection system, develop the software, and integrate with the robotic or gantry system based on the requirements. We maintain full documents of the system for a period of 5 years after the delivery of the first system, and we will deliver exact copies of the first system as your production grows.

5.     As part of the software development, we will also work with your factory team to integrate system operation and the acquired inspection data for day to day operation and  future reference.