Implementing Control Systems

We will work with you in any of the following ways:

–  Design and implement controls for a new process or process extension

–  Design upgrades and implement them for your existing process

–  Provide maintainenance service to your existing process

  • Tell us what your need and your budget is and let us help you come with optimal solutions for the design and implementation of your new control systems for your processes, plant, laboratory, or machinery 
  • Show us your existing systems and let’s discuss control strategies that can deliver your expected improvements, for example save energy, or improve quality
  • If you have dated equipment and you would like to upgrade to new controllers with minimum disruption and pain, we can help
  • If your machinery requires modern drives and controllers, we can also help with that
  • Consider us your in-house department for all your control engineering challenges
  • We offer solutions for controlling heat exchangers, pumps. fans, vibration, pressure, flow, dosing and mixing