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Test, Ticket and/or Repair (TTR):

We provide end to end services to test or visually inspect your NPI/low volume production. We will develop a test/visual inspection program ahead of time while your boards are being produced. You will also receive a comprehensive test/inspection coverage report as well test/inspection reports for each product that is tested. We will also implement a part tracking system for your products if you don’t already have one put in place. 

Repair and rework process is one that is up for discussion and mutual agreement. We can replace many common parts at our production facility, however, some parts are best replaced at a manufacturing facility that is properly equipped to do so. 

Boundary Scan JTAG (IEEE-1149.1) Test

We will develop JTAG tests for your boards on your platform of choice. We have partnerships with many Boundary Scan Tool suppliers. A combination of Boundary Scan test and in-circuit test is often a very potent solution that offers benefits of testing both discrete and passive as well as complex semiconductor parts.