3W UV Laser Marker

Avestron Laser Marking and Laser Engraving Solutions

Avestron’s UZ-X3, 3 Watt UV laser marks parts with readable and high contrast codes, text, and graphics for easy identification, traceability, and branding.

UV laser marking machines are fast becoming the marking technology used by the pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic industries to avert counterfeiting and tampering.

Benefit from high speed, superior coding & marking across a wide variety of materials. Ideal for marking permanent, precise, clear marks and codes onto a wide range of materials such as PET, PVC, glass, plastic, foil, metal, paper boards, paper, polypropylene, and more. 

Desktop 3W UV Laser Marker

Desktop version

3W UV Laser Marking Machine

Inline version



Laser Power

3 Watts

Laser Wavelength

355 nm

Beam Quality

M2 < 1.2

Repetition Precision

± 0.002 mm

Marking Speed

<= 14000 mm/s

Repetition Frequency

15 kHz – 100KHz

Minimum Line Width

10 um

Minimum Character 

0.05 mm

Machine Power

<= 600 Watts

Input Power

Single Phase 110VAC/220VAC/50-60HZ

Operating Temperature

0-40 C

Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Maintenance Free Time

20,000 Hours