Industrial Laser Marking & Etching Systems

Automated solutions for cost-effectively, marking any surface with precision and speed.

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Automated Laser Marking Systems Just Make Sense

  • Did you know you can use Laser Marking Systems to mark any surface?
  • Did you know that among the various marking methods, laser part marking has one of the lowest costs of ownership?
  • Did you know that unlike other marking systems, laser markers do not need to be in close proximity to the marking surface?

With laser marking solutions from Avestron, you can permanently mark and etch parts with text, barcodes & QR codes, dynamic/variable data, and graphics.

Suppose you are looking for a cost-effective, practical way to mark parts for branding, identification, or traceability purposes. In that case, we can provide you with a laser marking solution that smoothly integrates into your production line.

You will have high-quality product markings that beautifully brand your products and facilitate traceability throughout your supply chain.

We have the machines, integration expertise, and the support structure to implement a cost-effective Laser Marking Solution for a large range of applications.

The Benefits of Laser Marking 

  • High-Quality Marks – sharp and precisely positioned
  • Permanent Marks
  • No Need for Consumables
  • Affordable & Economical
  • High-Speed Marking
  • Flexible – Small batch, and High-Volume Production

The Avestron Advantage

  • Expertise in Automation, Instrumentation, and Control
  • Expertise in Mechanical engineering
  • Creative & comfortable working within unique constraints
  • Customer-centric approach